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Horse Articles :: 5 Tips for Finding a Horse Stable

Tips to Finding a Horse Stable

Many horse owners find the task of choosing the best horse stable for their horse boarding needs quite overwhelming. It can be very stressful for your horse when changing boarding stables, so the ideal situation is to find the best fit for you and your horse from the start. There are many points to consider. Some of them are listed here:

  1. When you first visit a prospective boarding stable, take very special care to check out the disposition of the horses that are already boarded there. Talk to other owners. Don't be afraid to ask them if they have any worries or concerns. Find out what the turnover rate is at the stable. You have every right to ask. A high turnover rate should raise red flags.

  2. Be aware that each horse has different feeding needs. For example, if your horse does hard work like galloping and/or competing for a couple of hours a day, he/she should be fed a ratio of around 40 grain to 60 roughage. However, if he/she does no work in a day, only roughage but no grain is advised. It's crucial to find a stable where the person in charge is knowledgeable about, and is willing to cater to, your horse's individual feeding needs.

  3. When researching the different boarding stables, don't forget to ask about their turnout routine. Having a good turnout regime can make a huge difference to your horse's mental and physical state. Horses, just like people, need social interaction. It is very important for him/her to get a chance to go and play with other horses.

  4. For your horse's health and safety, as well as his/her warmth and comfort, the stall bedding is also extremely important. Poor quality bedding can have a critical effect on your horse's health. For instance, if the bedding is wet there is a strong possibility that your horse could end up with thrush in his/her feet. Using wood shavings as bedding is highly recommended because, as well as being easy to keep clean, wood shavings don't support fungal spores and they make a very comfortable bed.

  5. While exploring your different boarding stables options, another very important consideration is that the manager or owner lives on site. For your sake, as well as your horse's sake, it is essential to be sure that the person in charge is knowledgeable and will check on your horse frequently. If there were to be an accident in the stall or if your horse suddenly got colic, there needs to be someone on hand to notice promptly and to be competent enough to deal with the situation.

In conclusion, the very best advice you can have when looking for a new place to stable your precious horse is to ASK QUESTIONS. Talk to all the people you know in your local horse world. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and any disreputable or unfavourable information about any stable will surface quickly while rave reviews will be freely given to the best boarding stables in your area. Ask the questions so you can choose the perfect boarding stable for you and your treasured friend.

Author Resource:-> Vicki finds her horse boarding needs very well met at the M&M Connemaras Farm in Langley, BC. Come and learn more at













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