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About Dressage

About Dressage

Dressage is a competitive equestrian sport, the principles of which date back to Ancient Greek military equine training systems. Dressage as it is practiced today, however, has its roots in the Renaissance. Frederico Grisone founded the first equestrian academy in Naples in 1532, when horsemanship began to be regarded as an art, where the movements that evolved into modern day dressage were taught. Within the next two centuries, French and Spanish academies that are still influential today were also established and dedicated to the art. Classical dressage as these institutes developed it remains significant as the basis for modern dressage.

The development of competitive dressage began in Europe early in the 20th century, and the sport was incorporated into the Olympic Games in 1912. Though dressage was initially included in the Olympics as a mere obedience test, its Olympic standards had been improved to include most modern moves by 1936. Dressage remained a predominantly military sport at this time; however, this changed by 1952, at which time dressage had risen in popularity, the U.S. cavalry had been disbanded, women were allowed to compete in the Olympics.

Today, dressage entails the training of horses to perform complex and spectacular movements. However, it is more accurate to say that the goal of this training is to extend the natural movements and characteristics of the horse to their full potential rather than to force horses to move in impressive but unnatural ways. Ultimately, a good dressage horse will willingly and immediately respond to the rider's very few aids; will make its movements appear effortless and beautiful while being well-balanced and relaxed; and will perform safely and comfortably as a riding horse.

Good dressage horses require a level of athleticism; they must be fit in order to accomplish the more difficult dressage movements. As a general rule, horses with powerful hindquarters; ideal pastern and shoulder slopes; and long croups that slope slightly are best suited to the demands of dressage movements, although other horses may succeed in dressage. Dressage horses must also be intelligent and well-schooled. Though all riding horses may train for dressage, horses from the warmblood category are a popular choice and are seen the most often at prestigious dressage competitions.

Horses compete across the world in dressage in amateur competitions and prestigious competitions such as the Olympics and the FEI World Equestrian Games, and in all levels in between. Having been defined by the FEI as "the highest expression of horse training," dressage is a thrilling sport and a true art.

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