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Horse Articles :: Benefits & Advantages to Horseback Riding

Benefits and Advantages to Horseback Riding

Horseback riding, also known as pony riding or equestrianism, is outlined as the practice of riding on horseback. It's the sport or hobby of sitting on a pony and controlling it as it moves along. Horses are ridden for practical working purposes as well as for therapeutic purposes. They are also used in competitive sports and recreational activities.

Horses are domesticated and are used as working animals. They are used for police work, for controlling herd animals on a ranch or for circus entertainment. Many techniques are used for training a pony, dependent on what the pony will be used for.

Horses are also used in competitive sports like show jumping, endurance riding, pony racing, driving, rodeo, and so on. Also They are also used in recreational activities like fox hunting, trail riding or hacking.

More millions are even made by providing services like pony breeding or reproduction of horses.

There are many varieties of horseback riding, but the two most well-liked are English riding and Western riding. Western riding, on the other hand, is a style of horseback riding that evolved from ranching and warfare traditions.

Trick riding is also a kind of pony riding, but it is more of a technique. It was originally developed for working cowboys and finally developed into stunts designed more for performance than practicality.

Before, horseback riding is often used for farm work, transport and warfare. But now, it is being used as a healing pony riding, equine helped activity or adaptive riding. There are several healing pony riding programs developed and used by licensed medical pros to treat different incapacities, may it be physical, emotional, social or cognitive.

People who have emotional, social or mental incapacity learn how to build relationship by interacting with horses. The trust and faithfulness that these horses demonstrate teach them to increase these characteristic. Finally , they are going to be able to form meaningful relationships with people.

Pony riding is a particularly social activity. Before a pony can be ridden or cared for, the person must be ready to efficiently communicate with it first.

Also, it teaches people to face their fear and to adjust in sudden eventualities as horses, like all the other animals, have unpredictable nature. This is why basic understanding and some consideration of pony behaviour are of utmost importance.

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