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Horse Articles :: Buying Your First Horse

Buying Your First Horse

You've loved horses ever since you were a kid and have always dreamed of owning one. You've spent the last three years taking horseback riding lessons. You know how to tack up, muck out, and have read just about every book out there on the care and feeding of horses. No one can doubt that you've put your time in. Horses are no fleeting fancy, but are a hobby that is here to stay!

So, are you ready to buy your first horse? Well, before you break out your checkbook you need to take stock of a few things in your life to determine whether horse ownership is right for you.

- Do you have the knowledge? How much time have you really spent around horses, and has it been hands-on? If you ride at a fancy stable that tacks and untacks your horse for you then guess what? You aren't having the full horse experience! Make sure you know what is really involved in caring for, feeding, and cleaning up after your horse. A great way to learn about all that is involved in horse ownership, without making a long-term commitment, is to lease a horse. Try leasing a horse for a year or two and then decide if horse ownership is really for you.

- Now that you know what is involved, do you have the desire? Horse ownership is a tremendous amount of work. Are you up for it? If you aren't, that's perfectly okay. If you really love riding horses but don't enjoy all the extra stuff that goes along with them, then why not just keep taking riding lessons? Ask yourself what you really love about horses. If you love things like mucking out, grooming, feeding, and taking care of horses, then you would probably make a great horse owner!

- Do you have the time for horse ownership? No more showing up at the barn, riding for an hour, and then heading home to your real life. When you are a horse owner, horses are your real life. If you travel frequently, can't or don't want to commit to a regular schedule, or have a very busy work or family life, then this might not be the right time in your life for horse ownership. Remember, horses must be fed, watered, and cared for according to schedule, and it's up to you to be able to maintain that schedule.

- Do you have the space for a horse? You either need good accommodations at home, or you need to find a place to board your horse. If you are keeping your horse at home, at the very least he needs two grassy acres, a run-in shed, and an adequate water supply. If you keep your horse at home you also need to know that he'll appreciate some company. It's best if you have room for an additional horse, a goat, or some other companionable animal.

- Do you have the money for a horse? Horses are very expensive! Add up everything it will cost to keep your horse happy and healthy. Include food, farrier bills, veterinary bills, insurance, training, and board if you keep him somewhere other than home. Now, does this figure fit into your budget? On the fence about whether you can afford horse ownership? Again, leasing is a good option. When you lease a horse, you are responsible for all of his monthly bills for a certain period of time. If you find at the end of this lease period that your horse has eaten well but you haven't, then you may want to reconsider horse ownership when you are in a better financial situation.

Remember, owning a horse is hard work and can be extremely taxing on your time and resources. Before you embark on the exciting journey of horse ownership, make sure you are ready!

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