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Horse Articles :: Choosing a Barrel Racing Saddle


Choosing a Barrel Racing Saddle

An essential part of barrel racing is making sure the saddle is correct. You won't need an expensive saddle, a used barrel saddle could be a good buy, but you do need a saddle that fits properly This might make all the difference between whether you win or lose. Some of the principal reasons why the choice of a saddle is significant include fitting the saddle to both rider and horse, the correct type, and the price. Saddles are pricey but they do last for years so buying the right saddle now will be an excellent future investment.

Fitting Your Horse

The prime consideration is the fit of the saddle. There must not be pressure points that will result in tenderness to your horse and he must be able to move freely with no hindrance from the bars of the tree. Some barrel saddles are constructed without bars so a misunderstanding has arisen that these these types can fit any size of horse. This is untrue as the saddle is able to cause pain and hamper motion by being placed far back on the horse. Ensuring a good fit of the saddle for the horse will enhance performance by preventing discomfort, thus eliminating behavioral and performance problems.

To ensure the saddle fits your horse think about these points. After riding your horse examine the area under the pad. Dry areas may be a symptom of pressure points. Very often the back will be totally drenched with sweat apart from a circle on each side. Some dry areas surrounded by a wet area will mean that the saddle is pressing on the horse's back with your body weight. If this is not seen to the area will become sore and the skin damage that results will lead to patches with no hair. Regrettably this problem is not able to be corrected by simply changing the pad. The only solution is to get a different saddle.

Fitting the Saddle to the Rider

As well as fitting the horse the barrel saddle must fit the rider. Various different sizes are made and they fit differently which may depend on the size and the style. An badly fitting saddle may not be comfortable and make it more difficult to keep your balance. Barrel saddles are commonly made with rough leather on fenders and jockeys and a high cantle to make sure you are balanced correctly. Holding the feet at different angles by the stirrups and a tall horn are additional modifications used on barrel saddles.

Purchasing a Barrel Saddle

Lots of shops let you try out a saddle after buying to make certain of a proper fit. If it doesn't fit properly you can exchange it or be given your money back. Barrel saddles are expensive but will give many years of use with good care. The more expensive saddles are made from superior quality materials and are well worth purchasing if you can afford them.

In conclusion

When purchasing a barrel saddle the most important things to think about are the fit of the saddle to your horse, fitting you and how much it costs.

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