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Horse Articles :: Choosing a Horse By Age

What to Consider About the Age of a Horse

Many people buy a horse which is too young for their requirements, and consequently pay more than they should, as well as getting a horse which lacks the required maturity and training. Less often, the opposite mistake is made, of buying a horse which is too old to provide the desired years of future riding. This article considers these issues in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of various horse ages.

Horse of 4 years. Horses typically start training at 3 years, with basic training complete by age 4. Such a horse is old enough for riding immediately but still young enough for advanced training if you wish. Although it may be a bit more expensive than a younger horse, the difference is partly offset by saving the fees on basic training.

5 to 7 Years Old. A trained horse of this age has all the advantages of a 4 year old. However, it will be more emotionally mature and calmer, and may be trained to a higher level as well. All of these factors make it easier to manage and more reliable than a younger horse, so it is more suitable for new riders and for children. However, as a horse gets older it becomes more difficult and consequently more expensive to train so one should ensure that the horse is fully trained before the end of this period.

Over 7 Years. Older horses are increasingly calm and dependable. Consequently, the older horse is great for children and new riders. They are also less expensive to buy as they are less popular. If the horse is not too old and has been well treated, it should still have many years of riding left. However, one would not want to purchase a horse which is too old for the number of years you intend to ride it.

3 Year Old. A three year old horse (depending on breed) is ready to start its training and you can enjoy this experience. However, it is usually less expensive to buy a trained 4 year old that is ready to ride than to buy a 3 year old and pay for a year's stabling and training.

Less than 3 years old. Watching a horse grow up can give immeasurable pleasure, something like watching young children mature. However, like young children, it can be difficult to predict how they will turn out physically and otherwise, so a foal is more of a gamble than a mature horse. Although foals are less expensive to buy than mature horses of the same quality, once one adds in the cost of stabling and training before it is ready to ride, they are usually more expensive in the end.

The above observations are of a general nature. The rate at which horses mature and the age at which they should be trained depends on the breed and the individual horse. If you are intending to use the horse for show or competition, associated age restrictions will also be a consideration.

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