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Horse Articles :: Dressage Level I

Dressage Level 1

Dressage Training Scale explained:

Rhythm: Dressage can be called the ballet of the horse world. Dressage rhythm is achieved by mental and physical relaxation. When we humans are relaxed we are able to do our work more comfortably. Same is the case with horses. The horse is able to enter the world of the natural rhythm of the four natural gaits, which are: walk, trot, canter and the rein-back. Lets simplify it further down:

1. Walk: 4-beat movement
2. Trot: 2-beat movement
3. Canter: 3-beat movement
4. Rein-back: 2-beat movement

Like in music, a good rhythm is pleasure to our ears, same way good rhythm movement is winning ticket to dressage competitions. So what exactly is a good rhythm?

* Good rhythm is when the horse's canter is really a 3-beat movement.

Note: Don't let your horse get lazy. Give him a daily dose of dressage level training based on the training scale.

Suppleness: A jammed body is the worst fate for a dressage. Like every athlete a dressage needs a particular degree of flexibility. So what is sppleness? Suppleness is the amount of flexibility and looseness of the dressage horse's body.

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