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Horse Articles :: Dressage Level III

Dressage Level III

Straightness: Call it nature's fat but horses are crooked, naturally. To straight them up is the job of the rider/trainer. This is seen in many horses: they canter with their quarters slightly in. It is basically caused by not proper lateral suppleness, i.e. one side more flexible than other or maybe a weaker hind leg. So in order to achieve a powerful dressage horse you need to follow a good training program which would lead to absolute straightness.

How to know if my horse is already straight?
In order to check that, see if his hind foot steps are in the line of the front foot.

Collection: Ever felt like letting go the horse and he would still ride smoothly on his own? Ever had that feeling? This would happen if your horse has proper collected moves. Collection, the pinnacle of training level dressage pyramid, is the ultimate goal for the trainer of any dressage horse. If all the previous exercises are done properly then collection automatically happens. Collection includes the following:

Lowering of the croup Shorter and higher steps and Lightness of the forehand

Collection is possible in troy, canter and walk which is achieved by collecting exercises. If every exercise of the training level dressage program is done correctly, you will get a perfect dressage horse with collected moves, perfect rhythm and he would be able to self carry himself and the rider without any interference from the rider.

About the Author
This is the third and the final installment of the Training Level Dressage program. This part includes the last two steps of the training program which could turn your horse into a rising star: straightness and collection. Grab your free training program here: Training Level Dressage: The Training Scale Explained III: Turn your ordinary horse into a shining star.









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