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Horse Breed Facts

Horses are one of the first pet animals that are domesticated by man. Foremost domestication of the horses was dated way back between 3000 and 4000 BC. During that period, horses were tamed mostly for milk and meat. As time passed, men started to use horses as pack animals.

Horse breeds are group of horses with some distinct characters. In horse breeding, these distinct characters are inherited in their offspring. Some typical characteristics that are considered while defining horse breed are color, facade, conformation, performance ability, toughness. Horse breeds can be categorized based on racing horse, horse with specific color and leisurely galloping horse.

Horse breeding is aimed at inheriting some specific characteristics and producing horses for definite tasks. In recent times horse breed are used to produce horses for carrying out some specific type of work. If someone needs a horse for harness racing then standard breeds will be the best option. Other horse breeds are used for the farming work, cart work, or just as pet animal.

In all, there are around 300 horse breeds till date. These horse breeds are developed according some specific needs. Some powerful horse breeds like Andalusian or Lusitano are developed for sole purpose of racing. Cleveland bay horse which is originated in England is brown in color. Some more examples of horse breed include Mustang, trakhner, Missouri fox trotter, Quarter horse, Peruvian Paso, Akhl Teke, and Percheron.

In the contemporary horse breeding, important has been given to purebred bloodstock and breed registry. Also the standards of registration as well as definition vary as per the breeds. Each horse breeding process has its own route. Route of breed depends on the amount of change required for selected traits. Some other traits are the result of natural selection depending on the atmosphere in which they are developed.

Some times lack of knowledge of proper horse breeding timing and schedule owner are not able to take growth of their horse. This kind of problems also come across due to genetic problems of your horse. For the sack of this problems what to do and where to go for proper horse breeding are common issues. Horse is a very sensitive animal and little care less caring can be very dangerous so what you have to do go for different style of breeding like cross breeding or tube breeding or pregnancy style. Now a days all this facility are available at short location of many cities.

There is also another way for horse breeding. This is called crossbreeding. In crossbreeding, horses crossbreed with equine genre to develop hybrid. Mull is such type of hybrid which is a crossbreed of donkey (male) and mare. Also a hinny is a hybrid between a stallion and female donkey.

When you decide to domesticate a horse, you need to consider few things in order to choose correct horse breed. One should take into account height, expenditure, traits and other details about the particular breed. Each horse breed has its own special traits like riding or racing.

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