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Horse Stall contains all types of information for Horse Lovers. There are a number of products branded horse gifts and products.

All gifts have a unique horse design that horse lovers and pony owners will appreciate. Branded items include: t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, posters, skateboards, mouse pads, stickers, bumper stickers, buttons, mugs, tote bags, invitations, greeting cards, neckties, postcards, posters, prints and much more!

Horse Colors and Markings

Horse Colors

Horses come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The horse has a base coat of short hairs that lie flat and protect the horse's skin. No two horses are exactly the same, this is particularly true with markings on the face and legs.

- Albino horses have a congenital abscense of skin pigment, with white skin and pink eyes.

Appaloosa - Appaloosa horses have spots on a white base coat, with light brown mane and tail.

Bay - Bay horse have a reddish brown coat with a black mane and black tail.

Black - Black horses are quite rare, if a horse is truly black it can be seen on their muzzle and in their groin. A black-brown or dark bay horse may appear black but will have brown hair in these places. Occassionally in the sunlight a black horse can look brown in the bright sun.

Chestnut - Chestnut horses range from a light golden brown to a dark reddish gold coat with a mane and tail that matches the body color. Chestnut's occasionally have markings.

Dapple Gray - Dapple gray horses have pale gray coat with dark gray rings.

Dun - Dun Horses are yellowish red or light reddish brown with a dark mane and tail. Dun horses that have darker reddish-yellow hairs over a dark base coat with dark manes and tails are known and Claybank Dun.

Fleabitten Gray - Flea bitten gray horses have a gray coat with with brown flecks a white mane and tail. Fleabitten gray is also called flecked or grey-ticked.

Gray - Gray horses have white and black hairs on black skin, white mane and tail. Whether a horse is pure white or grey-white it is still referred to as a grey. Greys are born dark and lighten to almost white with age.

Palomino - Palomino horses have a gold coat with a flaxen mane and tail.

Piebald - Piebald horses have white batches with black.

Pinto - Pinto horses have large white patches on a different base color.

Red Roan - Red Roan horse is chestnut interspersed with white hairs.

Skewbald - Skewbald horses have white patches and another color other than black.


Stocking - A stocking on a horse is white fur up to the horses hock is called a stocking.

Dorsal Stripe - A dorsal stripe is a band of black hairs that extends along a horse's back. Dorsal stripes are also called eel stripes.

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