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Horse Riding Camp

Owning your own horse has more than likely been part of many childhood dreams. However if you live in the city or don't have a great deal of money, one way to realize this dream is by attending a horse riding camp. This is a marvelous way to spend a summer vacation, and could just be the holiday for you.

Keeping a horse is very expensive as you have to stable it, as well as pay for food, riding tackle, riding clothes, veterinary bills etcetera. Not many families are able to afford these kinds of expenses.

Attending a horse riding camp in the summer, will not only allow you to spend fun times with these magnificent animals, it will also teach you all kinds of different skills. They are a combination of feeding, horse care, tuition and trail rides, plus you get to establish a relationship with your four-legged friend. Instructors are available to take you on trails into the country-side. Exploring the country from the back of a horse, gives you a whole new perspective on nature.

Stable management and how to care for your horse; comes along with all kinds of exciting and new things to learn. You will get to see things like blacksmiths demonstrations, learn about basics all the way through to cantering and jumps and how prepare for gymkhanas, while you are developing your equestrian skills. It is a fun way to spend a vacation, and will definitely give you something to talk about at the end of the summer.

You may have only seen horses on television or read about them in classic stories such as Black Beauty. You will know that they are fascinating creatures. However you may never have been given the opportunity to ride one. Even mentally challenged people love horse riding so this is a sport for everyone.

It can be difficult to decide what kind of summer camp you would like to spend you time at and these camps run from one day to eight weeks. Some are co-educational while others are only for boys or only for girls, the choice is yours (or your parents) of which type you attend. They also offer other activities for a part of each day.

Many of these camps are focused on the English Riding Style, so you will more than likely not be allowed to gallop off into the wide blue yonder like John Wayne. This should please your parents however and reassure them you will be safe. The camp will provide all the safety wear you require so these costs do not have to be met by your parents. You will be required to wear boots and a helmet and safety is essential.

Horses which are found in riding camps are very well trained, and of all different breeds. Although they are large animals and may appear to look dangerous, with the correct training and care they are very gentle animals. Campers are taught how to communicate with them so they know what to do.

Most horse riding camps are found on horse farms, where the campers stay in cabins. Instructors are qualified to provide quality instruction, and camp counselors are generally graduates or college student who are preparing for equestrian careers. They will ensure that they pick out a horse that is well suited to your size and personality. You don't ever want to take on anything you might not be able to handle, and counselors won't allow this.

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Lance Thorington has written several articles about horses. You do not know what you are missing when you have never been on a horse riding camp!









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