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Horse Riding Equipment

Horse riding equipment is intended for the care and maintenance of your horse. Typically, it includes saddles, bridles, bits, rugs, harnesses, whips and even boots. You can find leather as the main component for all these articles, though occasionally you might find synthetic items too. They should be cleaned often to maintain them for a long life and the safety and hygiene of your horse.


When you buy a saddle, what you need to look for is: whether it fits your horse, whether it matches the kind of riding you want and whether it is comfortable for the rider. Saddles come in different types meant for different purposes like dressage, polo, racing, showing, jumping, cross country etc. There are saddles that are meant for a rider who intends to do all kinds of riding and there are saddles that can fit a horse of any shape.


Bridles are usually made in leather, which makes them long lasting and comfortable to use. They are made in synthetic materials also, designed to make them easier to clean and maintain. The size of the bridle depends on the type of horse and the size of its head like pony, cob, full and X full. Normally, bridles come in four different types: snaffle, double, western and endurance. A snaffle bridle is easy to handle and modify to suit the type of horse and the way it rides. A double bridle gives the rider a high degree of control over the horse. A western bridle is minimal in appearance and is designed for a hot climate to allow the horse's skin to breathe. It is also easier to repair, if away from home. An endurance bridle is flexible enough to be changed to a head collar, which is suitable for long distance travel.


Bits are the part of horse riding equipment that help the rider to communicate with the horse regarding its speed and pace and gives some control over the horse. There are different types of bits, and all affect the different areas of the horse's head. A bit should fit comfortably into the horse's mouth and should leave a little space free on both side of the mouth. Bit sizes are measured by taking the distance between the two bit rings in either centimetres or inches. Bits are made in different materials like stainless steel, copper, iron, soft rubber etc.

Horse harness

The part of horse riding equipment that allows the horse to pull vehicles like a carriage, a sleigh or a wagon is the horse harness. It is also used to latch the animal to other loads like a plough or canal boat. The two main parts of a harness are a breast collar and a head collar, either one being used. There are different kinds of harnesses suitable for different purposes like shows, pulling a carriage or van, pulling a cart or wagon, racing or ploughing.

Horse rugs

Horse rugs are meant to protect the horse from sun, rain, snow, wind and flies. It gives the horse warmth and protection while it is in the field or stable. It helps the horse to remain healthy, hygienic and safe while travelling, as well as after exercising or simply grazing in the field. Rug sizes range from 3 ft for a colt to 7 ft 3 inch for a big horse. Depending on the purpose, rugs are of different kinds like stable rugs, travel rugs, cooler rugs, blanket, summer sheet, turnout rugs, sweat rugs, fly rugs, exercise rugs, horse walker rugs.

Riding whips

Horse riding equipment would not be complete without riding whips and boots. Riding whips are used to lead the horse on. They should be carried on the inside hand and used just behind the rider's leg. Whips are of different kinds like a short whip, dressage whip, hunting whip, polar whip, show cane and lunge whip. Whips are used for various purposes like show jumping, dressage, cross-country, hacking, schooling and polo. Always remember that whips are not meant to be used on the horse often.


Riding boots

Boots for horses are worn on its front and back legs. They protect the horse from injury while travelling or participating in a competition. There are different kinds of boots for different purposes and protect the different areas of the horse's legs. They are normally made of synthetic material, leather or rubber with either Velcro fastenings or leather buckles. All of this might make you feel like you need to spend a fortune for horse riding equipment. But it is a necessary purchase if you are a horse owner. The consoling factor is that most of these items are a one-time investment. But for the same reason, it needs careful planning when you purchase these items. First assess the horse's needs and activities compared to the items you need to buy. Also, get recommendations from other horse owners regarding horse riding equipment before visiting the shop. This will help you in not only bringing down the expense but also in buying the correct items for your horse according to its type and need.

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