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Horse Riding Helmets

If you think that it is not cool to wear a hat or that it causes you headaches, there are now a variety of hats in various sizes, shapes and colours that can be comfortable, attractive and smart. And never think that you are experienced enough to ride without a hat. There are records of accidents happening to riders who have experience of 25-30 years who were not wearing hats while riding.

Hats are normally made of hard shells, which contain both light and strong materials like fibreglass, carbon fibre, etc. This depends on the brand you buy. The size of the hat is normally given on the inside. There are a wide range of sizes available from child to adult, and they will be measured in both centimetres and inches. Normal sizes range from 49 to 65 cm or from 6 to 8 inches.

When you buy a horse riding hat:

1. Make sure that the hat fits your head properly. It should provide good ventilation too. It shouldn't be too loose or too tight. When you wear it, the hat should come down to your eyebrows, covering your whole forehead. At the same time, it should not expose the back portion of your head. When you tilt or move your head, it should not shake forwards to backwards or from side to side.

2. If you have long hair, get a horse riding hat that has a ponytail port. This will help you to avoid stuffing all your hair inside the hat and making it too tight.

3. Look for any kind of seal of approval on the hat. Get a hat that guarantees safety. Trying to save money by getting a cheap hat can cost your life. Similarly, do not go for used hats. It might have met with a severe blow earlier and not be as safe as it looks. Moreover, even if the horse riding hat has not had any accidents, the average lifespan of a hat is four years, after which it needs to be replaced anyway. So go for a new one from the start.

4. Do not opt for a hat that is meant for another sport. Each sport has its own safety codes and the equipment is designed accordingly. Hence it is always better to get a horse riding hat for horse riding.

5. There are hats meant for basic schooling in horse riding to the advanced derby and cowboy style hats. Go for the one which suits your skills and experience. Also, for each riding discipline, there are specific horse riding hats designed. So when you buy your hat, get the one that suits the riding discipline that you intend to focus on.

6. Make sure that the manufacturers have a replacement policy for their hats, so that you can replace your horse riding hat once it is damaged, dropped or been subject to a severe blow.

Types of hats:

There are various kinds of hats now available.

1. Jumping hats, which have ventilation in the shell and a secure harness

2. Dressage hats, which have a lower peak towards the rim. This is used for dressage and showing.

3. Cross-country hats, which come with ventilation slots and without a peak. This hat gives more head protection.

4. Top hats, which have no chin strap and are worn in dressage competitions and eventing.

5. Skull caps, which have no peak but do have a chin strap. This is often used for racing and pleasure riding.

6. Polo hats, which have a fixed peak, detachable face shield and air holes in the shell.

Storing a horse riding hat:

1. Avoid dropping or kicking it. Hats should be taken proper care of.

2. If it's summer, don't store it in a hot trunk. Overheating of the hat can affect your head when you wear it later.

3. If it has gone through an accident once, do not use your horse riding hat again. It might look alright from the outside, but may actually not be able to withstand another one.

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