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Horse Saddles

Horse Saddle: I am the lovely piece of work placed on the back of horses for riders to sit upon. I ensure stability for both riders and horses, and distribute the weight of riders evenly. I come in several forms, numerous enough to make your head spin. My variations are shaped in regard to location [e.g English, Australian, Western, German etc], tree type [e.g Wade, flex Tree, treeless etc], production technique [handmade custom or manufactured], material [Leather or synthetic], activity [parading, roping, show, endurance, racing, trail, reining etc] and several others.

English Saddle: I am the saddle used to ride horses in "English riding" disciplines world wide. Though with an English background, I am not limited in use by English speaking countries or in England alone. I have features that make me unique and stand out as envy in the equestrian world. My Stirrups can be detached from the saddle [in case of an emergency]. I have a piece of equipment known as a girth, which is used to keep me in place on a horse. It passes under the barrel of the equine, usually attached to me on both sides by two or three leather straps called billets. My rare end has a subtle and not-too-obvious feature known as the Cantle [or Seat]: This is used to provide greater comfort and security to riders. I generally cover a small surface area compared to others, yet have proven to be more effective with simplicity. Much of the weight bearing area in me is supported by a large internal flocking inside the panels.

Australian saddle: I am the saddle used for activities requiring long hours on the horse. I came as a variation of the English saddle eons ago, but have soon developed my own uniqueness as time went by. I have a distinct feature known as the Knee pad [aka 'poleys'] to provide security for riders who ride in rough conditions & spend long hours on horses. The 'poleys' are usually located around riders thighs in front of the saddle. I was designed to cater for conditions ranging from soothing to rigid. My seats are deeper than the typical English saddle and my Cantle higher. I am kept on with a girth attached to the billets under the flaps.

Western Saddle: I am the saddle used for Western Riding in the United States of America, mainly in the 'western' part. I am often tagged with the 'cowboy' name. I was designed to provide both security & comfort to riders and their horses, traveling long hours in harsh environment. I fancy being flashy and different. I tend not to like 'simplicity' because I pride myself at being unique and robust. I don't call my girths 'girths' [you bet] but cinch. My Stirrups cannot be detached from me in an emergency, but instead I have a wider tread; combined with the rider's high-heeled boots- this design minimizes the risk that the rider will slip through the stirrups during a fall, and the rider being dragged.

My Cantle is one of the most revealing of all horse saddles, providing greater comfort and security. I cover a wider surface area than the Typical English or Australian saddle. My cinch is tied on with a flat strap of leather or nylon known as the latigo. I have no padding between the tree and the external leather and fleece skirting... Okay, okay, it seems I brag a lot, but really, I'm truly unique because I am the most 'modified' and thoroughly customized to suit riders tastes. And I am often used for 'show' purposes. Yeah, I show-off a lot! But there are no 'best' saddles anywhere, only suitable and familiar ones.

Horse: I am the tamed animal Humans ride upon. I know not of western, English, Australian, Portuguese, German or even youth saddles. I only know it when my back hurts if the seating equipment placed on it pokes my spine or is not properly fitted- I 'neighhhhhhh' at the rider, indicating pain and discomfort- and I know when it does not. I love humans, and would give my full agility and beauty to the ones who seat on me properly.

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