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Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding has been a method of transportation for hundreds of years, and over time as technology advanced it became more of a pastime. People love horseback riding as a way of feeling free and having a special connection with parts of nature. If you have been thinking about owning a horse, or maybe you just want to take lessons, you should know a few things before you get into serious riding.

When you first consider dealing with a horse on a regular basis by owning one or 'leasing' one for riding, you might not have any previous experience or seen one up close and in person. If you are going to be in close contact with a horse for the first time, be prepared because they are very large creatures. While they are beautiful and generally well mannered, most people are slightly intimated by the size for the first few times they are around it. This is why it is very important for you to get to know your horse before riding it.

If you are buying your own horse, then you will probably be doing a fair amount of grooming. Even if you keep it at a stable and hire someone to do some of the grooming, you should spend time grooming it too if you plan on riding. Most people who lease out their horses to let people ride them will require you to groom the horse before each riding session. By grooming the horse, you'll not only be developing a connection but you'll also help yourself to feel comfortable around it. Every horse has a different personality and it's important that you have a sense of your horse's personality before riding, because it may be a factor in how you need to handle it.

Whether you are getting ready to groom your horse or get on its back for a ride, you need to be sure you approach it in a safe manner. Horses aren't naturally dangerous creatures, but they can dangerous be because of their sheer size. They don't know any better so it is up to their handlers to take the extra precautions. Never approach your horse from directly in front or behind. The way their heads are shaped prevents them from being able to see behind them and it is hard for them to see in front of them as well. Coming in from either side, especially where you can see their eyes directly in front of you means they can see you coming and won't accidentally hurt you.

As far as the actual riding goes, that is the easy part. A well trained horse and as a beginner you should be riding a well trained horse will follow commands very well. You'll need to keep a comfortable grip on the reins and be sure not to pull tight because you'll need room to pull back when you want to horse to slow down. The commands are simple; you'll be using the reins to direct the horse by nudging its head to face the direction you want it to go. That's it for the basics. If you want to learn more advanced riding, you will definitely want to take lessons.

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