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Trail Riding Experience

There are a great many activities families can enjoy together while on vacation that are different from those that they regularly get pleasure from in their everyday lives. One of these activities is trail riding on horseback. Not many people have regular access to horseback riding, so it can be quite exciting to hop up in a saddle and head out on a trail.

Horseback trail riding is available at a wide variety of vacation destinations. Families can plan beach or tropical vacations where horseback riding is available. Or, they can plan their entire trip around the very idea of trail riding, such as by planning a trip to a western dude ranch. Regardless, while trail riding on horseback can be quite fun, it is important to keep safety in mind. Here's how:

Choose the right stable. If you are planning a trip around trail riding, ask for recommendations before booking your trip travel agents may be a good source, but also search online for reviews. If horseback riding is just a vacation activity, try asking your hotel concierge or town locals for tips on the best stable.

You want to choose a stable where the horses are treated well. If there is manure all over the ground and the horses are dirty, head for another stable.

Be honest about your family's riding experience. Don't exaggerate and say you are an intermediate rider when, in fact, you are truly a beginner. The horse wranglers want to match you up with a horse that you can handle well. If you claim to ride better than you actually can, they will give you a more advanced horse and you may not be capable of riding it (this is called being over horsed). There is no shame in being a novice horseback rider; just admit it.

Get in line as you are told. While you may want to allow your wife to get in line ahead of you, it isn't wise to alter the order in which the wranglers have placed the horses. Certain horses may not get along well, and the wranglers know this and you don't. If you change the line up, you might end up behind a horse that doesn't like yours and you might end up getting kicked.

Wait for directions before doing anything. Do not approach your horse or mount him until or unless the wrangler has said you should. Of course, most horses at riding stables are gentle and kind; however, a wrong move could cause a horse to bolt or worse.

Don't wander off of the trail when riding. Generally, trail riding horses will know the trails very well and will stick to them. Just enjoy the ride. Even if you see something spectacular off of the trail, don't try to wander off.

Make sure to hold the reins at all times. It is essential that you keep a good hold on the horse's reins. If your horse steps on reins that have fallen, he could snap the reins or, he could even break a leg.

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