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Horse Articles :: How to Select a Barn, Trailer and Trainer

How to Select a Barn, Trailer and Trainer

To select horses for a breeding program you should make your selection based first on disposition, conformation and athletic ability, pedigree, compatability of color with our strain.

If you find a horse that possesses all of these qualities and it happens to be homozygous, (possessing two identical forms (alleles) of a particular gene, one inherited from each parent, for breeding true that's great, if not, you may try to cross it with one that is. Others, select horses for their ruggedness; excellent feet, leg, and bone; confirmation; temperament; intelligence and cowiness, as do all good foundation breeders.

So, what sets the best horses apart? We suggest that you select horses with extended elastic strides and good suspension in addition to large, hard, round, mostly black or striped hooves, but you will need to work out your own requirements.

Choosing a horse for a jumping breeding candidate will clearly have different qualifications than one chosen for, for example, flat racing. Just because a horse has a wall full of show awards does not mean he'll be the best choice for backpacking into the wilderness on an elk hunt. You have to really think through the characteristics you seek to develop and don't lose hold of those requirements when selecting which you will breed from.

Selecting a Horse to Buy

When looking at a horse for sale' ads, remember that the right personality is a number one requirement. But, the horses personality is either mentioned near the last, or not at all! Imagine choosing your human mate this way a Oh, yes that must be a good one: good looking, well bred, very highly skilled in his/her field.

However do be very careful when buying a horse buying an unsuitable horse and thinking it will be easy to fix, is usually a bad idea. In our experience nothing could be farther from the truth.

How to select a Horse at a Riding stables

When selecting a horse at a riding centre it is suggested that it is best to choose one where you can select a horse from a well trained herd, of 60 heads or more. For novices, be sure that they can accommodate beginners to experts. the best stables pride themselves on safety and the emphasis is placed on proper riding.

Selecting a Horse Trailer

Selecting a horse trailer is one of the most important decisions a horse owner can make. Because it's very easy to be overwhelmed by fancy options and shiny construction materials, it is extremely important to keep in mind that the number one priority when shopping for a trailer is safety.

Selecting a Horse Trainer

The trainer should be able to unlock the full potentials of the horse. Training should not be brutal, or hard on the horse.

Remember, when hiring a horse trainer, you should always look for the best candidate available. However, don't assume that overall care for the horse is guaranteed by the trainer. Remember that when you get the horse home it may take a while to settle in so don't panic if you encounter some settling in problems simply take things slowly and work them through. Remember that the horse trainer needs a happy and content horse to work with if he or she is to get the best from your steed.

We simply cannot emphasise too highly that to learn natural horsemanship is by far the best. As are far as we are concerned it literally works wonders!

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