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Natural Horse Training

Horse training is a complex process that involves more than just giving instruction to your animal, followed by a reward. Properly teaching your charge how to follow your commands, each and every time, involves building a strong relationship with them. This relationship starts by getting inside their head. In order to train your animal properly, you must understand how he thinks. Learning how to think like your animal should be a fundamental part of any instruction you receive on how to train your horses.

When you understand your horse’s attitude and not just their body, you can lead them without a bit and bridle. By educating yourself, you will no longer find yourself chasing the animal around the pasture. You can easily prepare them when you are ready for the day’s work to begin. They will come to you when you are ready to work.

Part of building this relationship with your animal involves breaking down the barriers that can exist between humans and horses. While the working relationship between human and beast goes back thousands of years, wild horses have always been wary of people. To overcome this hurdle, natural horse training involves teaching your horse that they are safest when they are with you. Mastering this attitude requires you to know how create this kind of rapport before you attempt to train the animal.

You need to learn how to pay attention to the body language and non-verbal responses your animal gives you. When you learn this technique, you will know what your equine is thinking. This knowledge empowers you to lead them to the behavior you desire. When you are training your animal, you need to give them all of your attention.

Another aspect of an excellent, natural horse training program involves teaching you, as the owner, how to keep your level of excitement down when working with your animal. This is not easy for many owners, because they find these marvelous animals thrilling to be around. But, if you are going to control your animal with love, they need to feel safe with you. You need a program that will show you how to harness this excitement into workable energy that helps your animal, rather than frenzied excitement that confuses and scares them.

Finally, choose an instructional program that will not only teach you how to train your animal, but also how to take care of them. Part of building that level of trust with each animal in your herd involves proper care and grooming. When your horses know that you will meet their physical needs, they are more likely to trust you when you are in the saddle.

For horse training instruction, Horserealm offers a downloadable book with photographs that teaches how to understand horses for a better riding experience. Lessons include learning why horses behave in a certain way, how to care for them, and proper techniques for correction.

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