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Horse Stall contains all types of information for Horse Lovers. There are a number of products branded horse gifts and products.

All gifts have a unique horse design that horse lovers and pony owners will appreciate. Branded items include: t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, posters, skateboards, mouse pads, stickers, bumper stickers, buttons, mugs, tote bags, invitations, greeting cards, neckties, postcards, posters, prints and much more!

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New Launch of

Horse lovers who are looking for unusual and unique wild animal gifts will be delighted with the re-launch of contains a variety of horse themed gift items that can easily be customized. has more than 4000 gifts, including horse branded: t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, sneakers, skateboards, postage stamps, magnets, mouse pads, stickers, business cards, buttons, pins, tote bags, aprons, greeting cards, postcards, invitations, binders, keychains and more.

Gifts are categorized by horse type and riding discipline, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The gifts are branded with more than 400 equine designs and horse photos. is a premier shopping destination for stylish and trendy gifts for horse lovers. New gifts and animal designs are added regularly so check the website often.

The website also contains a series of educational articles about horses, horse care and riding disciplines.The articles are designed to be helpful in nature and help new and experienced horse riders.

For more information contact DR Management, at PO Box 153, Kingston, MA 02359. Email: and Internet

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