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Horse Articles :: Teaching a Horse to Use His Hindquarters

Teaching a Horse to Use his Hindquarters

Wanna help your horse develop and use his hindquarters more?

Ride him up and down steep hills.

Before you do though, I suggest you have control over him. Thus, when you ask him to stop, he knows to stop.

And be sure to do it in places where you feel safest. Don't be around a bunch of wire fencing, posts, holes, etc.

Now as you go up the hill, pick a point you want to go to. Walk slowly, straight, and don't let him get chargey.

You don't want a horse to charge up hill or down because it's a great way for you to get hurt.

Remember, a horse thinks much more clearly when he's walking. And is far less to get excited when going about his work calmly.

On the other hand, you want to drive him up that hill. So you have to balance it out.

Be sure to stay in proper riding position so he can move as he needs to.

As you come down the hill, try stopping him and stay standing for a mom- ment. This'll test the control you have on him.

But remember if you stop and stand on a hill for long periods of time, turn your horse perpindicular to the hill.

As you go uphill, hold on to his mane if you need to balance yourself. Don't pull on the reins or use the saddle horn.

You will find that practicing this with your horse will help develop collection.

And speaking of collection, you can learn a lot about collection by watching horse training videos of expert horse trainers.

So if you want to learn to train a horse, I urge you to browse the horse training videos collection at

There you will find a collection of videos covering many aspects of horse training.

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Andy Curry is a nationally known horse trainer and author of several best selling horse training and horse care books. He is also well known for finding, interviewing, and filming expert horse trainers and making their expertise available to horse owners who want to learn different horse training tips and secrets and how to solve behaviorial issues with horses. For information visit his website at










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