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Horse Articles :: Tips for Buying a Horse

Tips for Buying a Horse

Here are some tips to remember when purchasing a horse or pony. If you are not a horse person or have not much horse experience it is recommended to take a horse person with you or have them check out the horse before you purchase.

Do your homework. Make sure you can afford to board and or feed a horse and find out the cost involved in taking care of a horse. If possible it is best to be able to see the horse before you purchase and ride the horse. Make the owner of the horse ride first. Have them “show you” how the horse rides and what the horse can do. If the horse seems too spunky or not trained enough for what you are looking for don't get on the horse. Make sure you purchase a horse that is right for you and your family.

One more thing to remember is that if possible see if you can get a guarantee with the horse. Maybe an exchange guarantee if the horse doesn't work once you get it home they can exchange it for another horse or if they don't have any other horses see about any guarantee options you may have. Don't buy for a certain color and make sure that the horse is what you are looking for as for riding ability and health not just that pretty color you've always wanted. If you cannot tell whether or not the horse is sound and healthy it is strongly recommended that you get a vet check before you purchase the horse. When buying site unseen or without riding or seeing the horse first it is highly recommended to have a vet look at the horse and you might even be able to get the vet to watch the horse ride for you. A lot of people purchase over the internet without evening seeing the horse ridden and this is hard for the buyer and seller both. The buyer may get a horse they can't ride or are not comfortable with and the seller is having to sell a horse that the hope fits the buyer and if it doesn't it normally turns into a bad situation. This is when the vet can help you out with checking over the horse for you.

If you are looking for a kids horse try to find a horse with a lot of experience with kids riding them and make sure it is not a young green broke horse. The saying is normally true that you “get what you pay for” and if you buy cheap don't expect to get a well broke bombproof kids horse. You may get lucky and get a deal but chances are the cheap horses have vices and problems. If you purchase a horse for your child make sure it is safe. If you have to pay a little more to get a really good horse it is worth it in the long run because you may be avoiding a hospital call and your child getting injured. A goods kids horse is hard to find and you should take your time and really look the horse over as good as you can before purchasing. Have an adult ride the horse first and make sure it is safe for your child.

We must remember that a horse is an animal and can be unpredictable at times. If you are a beginner and not much riding experience it is best to have a few lessons or make sure you have someone that can help you with the horse. Make sure you know how much to feed the horse and what dental and veterinary care the horse needs. Keep your horse on a current worming and furrier schedule. Some questions you may want to ask when going to look at a horse when looking for riding horses for sale in Wisconsin.

1. Is the horse sound for riding (if mare is she also sound for breeding)?

2. Is your horse friendly, has the horse ever bite or kicked at anyone?

3. Is the horse hard to catch?

4. Is the horse good with other horses? If a gelding – does he get along with mares ? Is the horse dominent with other horses?

5. Check to make sure the horse has good teeth? Overbite?

6. Check for any lumps, bumps, bad scars that may need to be looked at by a vet.

7. Ask about any health /soundness problems (heaves, windsucking, allergies, colic, breathing problems, arthritis, etc.)

8. Does the horse tie without pulling back?

9. Does the horse load and tied while at the trailer?

10. Is the horse sinchy , is the horse easy to saddle and bridle?

11. Does the horse weave or crib?

12. Has the horse ever bucked or reared with a rider?

13. Are the registration papers in order if registered and current coggins test done?

14. How long have you owned the horse?

15. What was the horse used for in the past?

16. Is the horse road safe and go out alone? okay with a group of horses on a trail ride?

17. Can the horse be ridden with a loose rein or tight rein?

18. Any vices at all that they can think of?

Good luck with your horse search and finding the horse of your dreams.

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