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Horse Articles :: Training Level Dressage

Training Level Dressage

"Alone you can go far but with guidance you can go further." -Unknown

The same statement applies to dressage horses. You can have the best breed horse in the world but without proper training it is nothing but average. Who doesn't want to make his horse a performer? I bet everyone does. There are two things that make a dressage horse above average:

* Quality Breeding
* Quality Training

Dressage horses are like plants - in order for them to grow and bear quality fruits 'you' have to water them daily. The day you stop watering they begin to die. Similarly you will have to train your horse on a daily basis to see fruitful results. Remember, there is no shortcut to quality. Don't think that you will have to hire an expensive dressage level trainer in order to bring out the performer out of your house. It is something even you can do, even if you are on a budget. It is achieved by following the training dressage scale.

The Training Dressage Scale

Don't get excited and start training your dog without proper research. Bad training can make your best horse look terrible and good training can even make a stray horse into a shinning star. So what exactly is good training?

To excel in any filed you need a solid foundation. Similarly to be a successful dressage level trainer you need a solid and balanced base. This compromises of six elements:

1. Rhythm
2. Suppleness
3. Contact
4. Impulsion
5. Straightness
6. Collection

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