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Horse Articles :: What Does a Beginner Rider Need?

What Does a Beginner Rider Need?

It seems as though horse people have so much gear, and when you go to buy basic requirements, everything seems to be very expensive. It is true that horse riding equipment can be expensive but you do not need to buy everything all at once, and you certainly don't have to buy the most expensive brands.

If you are just starting out, don't get carried away with buying lots of new gear before you get on the horse. It is wise to have several lessons to give you an idea of whether you will be interested enough to take riding seriously and warrant the expenditure. Most riding schools and instructors have the basic safety items available for use or hire, so take advantage of this service to begin with.

The most basic requirement is a helmet; never get on a horse without one. If your instructor does not insist on helmets being worn, find a more responsible instructor who takes safety more seriously.

Someone you know may offer to sell you a second-hand helmet. This can be a risky move, unless you know definitely that no one has had a fall wearing that helmet. Once a helmet has been involved in a fall in which the helmet hit the ground, its integrity is affected and it should be replaced. The next fall that helmet takes, may lead to serious injury because it has not offered sufficient protection.

You don't need to go and buy expensive jodhpurs either. For your first few lessons wear long pants, preferably made of stretch material. Jeans are not really suitable as they can ride up and may not stretch enough to allow you to mount easily. When you do decide to buy jodhpurs, ask at the riding school if anyone is selling an outgrown pair. If you are going to be around horses a lot, you will need several pairs and they don't need to be really expensive ones. There are less expensive brands available.

Horse riding footwear is very important; always wear closed in shoes when you are around horses. If a horse steps on you, it will hurt; if you have open shoes on, it will be extremely painful. You don't need to have proper riding boots to start out; any pair of closed shoes with a heel will be good. The heel on the shoe helps to stop your foot sliding out of the stirrup, so it is very important. Although you don't need expensive riding boots just yet, it is possible to buy elastic sided leather boots (sometimes called paddock boots or children's riding boots) fairly inexpensively. These will be ideal for horse riding lessons and you can always wear them around at home or in the yard if you decide not to keep riding.

The shirts, vests and sweaters you wear while riding need to be close fitting so there are no lose bits to catch on the saddle or bridle. Many horses don't like things flapping around them either. You will get hot riding, so wear layers of clothing in cooler weather, so you can gradually take the layers off as you warm up.

After you have enjoyed a few riding lessons, you can start to consider buying your own horse riding equipment, but again, don't rush in to buy all the latest gear. You will want to think about your own helmet and crop, some riding gloves and maybe some chaps.

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