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Horse Articles :: Arabian Horse History

Arabian Horse History

Arabs (Arabian horses) can be traced back 2000 years to the Arabian Peninsula.

Strength, beauty and endurance are typical traits of this breed of horse. Horse experts have researched Arabian horse origins and concluded that they are one of the most ancient breeds to exist.

The Bedouins were a nomadic people who are given credit for first taming the Arabian horse. Bedouin people took the ancestry of these breeds very seriously and could back date the lineages of the horses they owned. During these times they needed a rapid, strong and reliable horse. It was vitally important that it was able to survive within a desert setting. Regional battles were going on between the Bedouin tribes, so horses were used to take them to war.

Some of the most impressive horses ever were bred by the Bedouins. Many people would trade horses with them, and they would get together and share the lineages of the horses which were traded. Arabian horses come in a variety of different variations or strains. These Arabs have shared ancestory as well as a likeness in their appearance. Including; Kuhaylan, Dahman and Hadban.

Arabian horses are said to be one of, if not the most recognised breeds in the world. Large expressive eyes and a comparatively small muzzle can be found on a wedge shaped head. Possibly the most prized Arabs are the ones with concave noses. An Arab neckline should be arched, and they have toned muscular legs. Their coat should be shiny, and can be likened to silk. As they do not have a good bascule Arabian breeds are not frequent competitors at show jumping meets.

Generally, the coat of an Arab horse is grey or brown although some may have black coats. It is thought Arabs with dark black coats would absorb the desert heat so were considered a rarity. Such is the purity of the Arabian horse gene, it is frequently used in accentuating the features of other breeds. Arabian horses are very well mannered, an attribute breeders find very attractive.

Professional horse competitions have used Arabian horses for a great deal of time, and there are even competitions each year between Arabian horses and there owners.

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