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Horse Articles :: British Percheron Horse Society

British Percheron Horse Society

According to information found on The British Percheron Horse Society website, the group was established in 1918 England with a collection of thirty six stallions and three hundred and twenty one mares brought from all over France and North America to start a brood stock of these horses. Many stipulations were then introduced to the importation of any new stock to the blood line. In present times the society continues to uphold a strict, regimented induction of any new stock, now relying heavily on the information provided by DNA verifications of pure bred status.

Around the world, the British Percheron Horse Society is known as a stand alone society, "not connected to any other Percheron Breed Society" and holds their own unique blood line from other Percheron groups. "...The main aim of the Society was to encourage the breeding of a clean legged draught horse which were powerful, active and quick in work with a good temper and easy to handle..." The society is managed by a group of individuals including a president, treasurer, committee members, council members and a secretary that take care of the business behind the horse group. As a member of the British Percheron Horse Society a member can access information about updated news, current and upcoming events, access to the societies stud book and a gallery of images. A newsletter is also sent out to members three times a year.

"...One of the most docile and good-natured of any..." breeds, these sturdy standing horses are a favorite among many horse lovers for several of their admirable characteristics. "...The British Percheron Horse is essentially a heavy draught horse possessing great muscular development combined with style and activity. It should possess ample bone of good quality, and give a general impression of balance and power..." Within society regulations, the coloring of this magnificent horse must be black or grey with only minimal touches of white and stand to no less than over sixteen hands in height.

With a society such as the British Percheron Horse Society, the true lineage of these beautiful and useful horses will hopefully be preserved for many years and generations to come. You need not be a horse owner, necessarily, to join the society but they do require that their members "...will help to protect and support this magnificent breed of heavy horse." For more information on the British Percheron Horse Society or becoming a member, please visit their website.

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