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Horse Articles :: Clydesdale Draught Horse

Clydesdale Draught Horse

The ancestry of these large draught horses can be traced back to the early 19th century in Clydesdale (now Lanarkshire) Scotland. Being a large horse, the Clydesdale was needed for both agricultural and commercial roles.

The coalfields of Lanarkshire and the streets of Glasgow are where the Clydesdale horses first made their work debut. The desire was to breed a horse with large feet and long legs to aid work in the Scottish soil, so stallions from Belgium and England were imported to breed with the smaller mares. What we know as the modern day Clydesdale horse was the result of this.

The Clydesdale horses soon become world renound and the Scottish breeders exported them to the US, Canada and as far as New Zealand and Australia. The Clydesdale horse is now almost exclusively the only large draught horse in Scotland where it originates, though it is still sought after throughout the world. You can even find Clydesdale horses working for an enormous US brewery, pulling promo beer wagons around at special events. They make it possible for you to view these horses close-up in their temporary stables. The horses are sort of goodwill ambassadors for their company. And darn good ones too, one might say.

With regards to weight, Clydesdales are normally between 1600-2000 pounds. They usually stand 16 to 19 hands high (162.5 to 193 cm, or 64 to 76 in) at the shoulder. Though larger than the original Scottish breed, the large feet, solid legs and characteristic looks of the original Clydesdale horses have been retained. The colors of the coats are very vivid, the face is usually white, and the most popular trait for a performing team of these magnificent horses is four white socks which reach the knees. You will normally see a Clydesdale horse in a bay colour, and the legs will likely be feathered with white hair from the knee down. You can also find various other colours such as black, brown and chestnut. It is fine to accept these for purebred registration.

The overview of theses horses is one of a sturdily built, incredibly strong yet agile horse. They naturally adopt a high-head position giving them a proud appearance. Even when stood still, their power, agility and calm temperament is apparent. Once seen performing, Clydesdale horses are an awe-inspiring site which leave a lasting impression!

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