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Horse Articles :: Horse Breed Glossary - M

Horse Breed Glossary - M


Originating in Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais, the Mangalara breed has a fast gait and a smooth ride. The breed's society was formed in 1934 and varieties include teh Mineiro or Marchador, and the Paulisto. The Paulisto is a more modern version of the Mangalarga, and is lighter in weight, and has longer legs.

The Mangalarga breed has a unique walk that involves three of the hooves touching the ground at the same time! Another common characteristic known to the breed is their attentive attitudes and alertness. Extremely intelligent, the Mangalarga is an easy horse to train and is offers submission to commands.

Although the Mangalarga horse is light weight, it is strong and has a well muscled body. The head is somewhat triangular, and they have well formed tendonds. The breed is sturdy and adaptable to any climate or terain. They travel great distances without fatigue and they are not demanding feeders.


The Marwari can travel for extremely long distances, is extremely brave and loyal in battle fields. Marwari Horses are spoken highly of in bardic literature. Marwari have been used for polo ponies and pig sticking.

The origin of the Marwari is hard to trace, but it is believed that they have conections with Arabians, and the turkmenian breed. They are able to survive in difficult terrain and intense temperatures. They have refined heads with a medium muzzle and a long face. They also have long, musclar shoulders that slopes right into the withers that stand at medium height. There is a wide variety of colors found in Marwari horses, but the most prevalent tend to be dark brown, chestnut, bay, gray, pie bald and skewbald.


Named after a village close to Andorra, Merens Ponies are gentle, economical and hardy horses. Their history is rich, and includes being faithful companions to the mountain farmers, "Montagnol", and to soldiers in the Middle Ages as well as during the Russian campaign with Napoleon.

Currently, Merens ponies are used for farming, helping to plow and haul fields. They have sure footing that enables them to work well on steep hillsides. They are at ease in a harness and with riders, and have a gentle disposition that makes the Merens Ponies great children's horses. The ponies are willing to work, but are quite strong in character so the trainers and owners must be firm with them.

The ponies are typically raised outside all year round, and foals are born during the spring snows without difficulty. As the weather turns warm, in June, herds are led to summer pastures to enjoy freedom for months at a time in the mountains. It is said that this time in the mountains with other Merens ponies is what gives the breed their outstanding mental balance.

Merens Ponies are all very similar in appearance, black in color, and only a few have white markings. They are strong enough to carry an adult rider and gentle enough to work with children. They are often exported to Germany, Italy, Tunisia and the Netherlands. Sometimes, the breed is bred in other regions throughout France, but authentic Merens Ponies are those that have run free in the Pyrenees. The breed is quite rare.


Off the coast of Greece, in the beautiful island of Crete is a breed of horse known as the Messara. They are used for light riding, as a draft horse, and are almost extinct.


The American Miniature horses are given that classification when they are a maximum of 34 inches in height when they reach maturity. The tiny horses are actually replicas of larger breeds, and bear striking resemblence to Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Draft Horses or Arabs. The small horses are not mutations or genetic problems; instead they were created by "breeding down", and continuously working to create smaller horses through the breeding process.

Miniature horses are wonderful companions, highly intelligent and curious animals. They are the perfect solution to people who want to own horses but don't have the space or time to handle 1,000 pound horses. Even people who have never had a full sized horse can experience horse ownership with Miniature's. The horses are often put into therapeutic programs to assist disabled children and adults, and the elderly.

You care for a Miniature horse in the same manner that you care for larger horses, only they require much less feed, lower deworming doses and medication. Grain is actually measured by the cup, in a similar way that you would measure out a dog's food for the day. Miniature horses prefer to be outdoors, and you can have several on less than an acre of land. They need only a small indoor area, with a stall of about 6 feet by 8 feet. Because of their size, transporting the Miniature horses is also very easy. You can use custom-made trailers, a station wagon, van or pickup truck with an enclosed bed! Some Miniature horse owners have even been placed in the cargo bay of an Airplane as additional baggage.

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