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Horse Articles :: Horse Breed Glossary - K

Horse Breed Glossary - K


In 1977, in Lake County, Oregon- a herd of hourses that appeared to have a strong Spanish heritage were brought in. All of the horses in the mustang herd had zebra striped legs and dorsal stripes. The Kiger Mustang has a barb head and average weight of 750 pounds.

The Kiger Mustang was preserved. The found herd was split into two groups, and measures were taken to be sure that no other horse breeds were in the area where the horses were released.

Through the Adopt-a-horse program, many Kiger Mustangs have been adopted and have shown that they have a willingness to learn and are good workers.


Found in both southwest Chad and northern Cameroon, the Kirdi Pony is used primarily as a horse for riding.


Developed for the breeding of Thoroughbred horses, the Kisber Felver was developed in Hungary. Many racing horses were produced by the stud, including an unbeatable mare that is in the Guinness Book of World Races for over 54 races. The Kisber Felver was created over a hundred years ago from careful selection, and a controlled breeding program to create the desirable sport horse in conformation, movement, athletic ability and termperament.

World War I and II have left Hungary with nearly none of their horses. There are Kisber Felver horses in the US from public auctions in 1947 when a few people understood the value of these horses and brought them to the states.

Kisber Felvers are able to perform in all horse disciplines, and breeding aims to produce horses that are beautiful, have great endurance, character and mental and physical balance. They range in size from 15 to 17 hands.


A Japanese breed, the Kiso has inhabited Japan for at least 1,000 years. Their exact origin is not known, but it is believed that they are descendants of the Mongolian horses of the grasslands or the plateau horses of Central Asia.

Japan uses their horses for military purposes and for transportation and agriculture. During the Meiji period, Japan was involved in several wars against foreign countries. Kiso horses are small in size, and the authorities discouraged purebred breeding of Kiso- and encouraged cross breeding programs with larger horses. Almost all Kiso stallians were castrated after World War II by a governmental program.

The temperament of Kiso horses is similar to hat of Tarpan. They have a similar appearance to the mongolian horse.


Kladruby horses are used to produce heavy carraige horses for ceremonial four and six-in-hand tractions. The Kladruber are warm blooded horses of Spanish and Italian origins, which has adapted well to the climate found in Central Europe. They are bred in black and white, and the population is heavily inbred which makes it vulnerable.

Most Kladruby horses are now used for sport driving, and both the black and white types have won in world championship, four in hand driving events. There are only about 90 females remaining (as of 1995), and is considered a very rare horse breed.


The Vikings were known to use Knabstrup horses, the breed originated in Denmark. The original size of Knabstrup horses was around 14 hands. Their characteristics included tractable temperament and high speed and endurance abilities.

Today's Knabstrup breeding is primarily done to preseve the horse for a Danish riding horse, and the size doesn't matter. Most breeds require their horses to be of a certain size, which is one characteristic that makes the Knabstrup breed unique. They are beautiful horses with spotted coats and can have any number of color combinations. They are friendly and calm, with great intelligence and a desire to learn. You'll find Knabstrup horses in circuses.

The average height of a Knabstrup horse is 15 or 16 hands.

In the previous years, Knabstrup horses have ben used in the cavalry, as riding and work horses, and as milkwagon horses. Most uses of the breed in current times are for carriage horses or riding.

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