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Horse Articles :: Horse Breed Glossary - G - H

Horse Breed Glossary - G - H


Originating in the Netherlands in the 1800's, the groningen breed came from Oldenburg horses that were bred to local draft breeds. In the 1970's, the Groningen breed was almost completely overtaken by the Dutch Warmblood breed. the breed was restablished by using Oldenburg blood (to prevent inbreeding).


Smaller than both the Lijiang and Jianchang, the Guangxi pony is found in the Yunnan Province and the Sichuan Province in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region within China. The smallest known Guangxi is 86 cm, with the average hieght about 100cm.


Public roadways in Britain were improved with the development of the Hackney breed of horse. Known and used most for high tech carriage driving and riding, wealthy farmers in Britian were responsible for breeding the Hackney.

The Hackney breed originated in Norfolk, England, with the breeding of Norfolk Trotters with Thoroughbreds. The first Hackney was foaled in 1760.

As ships crossed the waters in the 1800's, Hackneys and smaller ponies were being imported and exported.

As the roadway of Britain was improved, and it was not necessary for draft animals that could pull carts through deep ruts and potholes, the Hackney horses could be used to trot to market. often, farmers could be seen racing their horses to the market on the new, improved roads, and while riding the fast Hackney breed of horses.

In 1883, the Hackney Stud Book Society was formed to formalize breeding of Hackneys in England. In America and Britain during the 1880's, the Hackney was the ultimate horse for driving.


Haflinger horses got their name from the village of Hafline, which is now located in Italy but was previously part of Austria before World War I. Haflinger originated in the mountains of Austrain Tyrol.

The Haflinger breed first came to North America in 1958, to Wadsworth, Illinois. The farm imported them to begin a breeding program with Lippizzan horses. Haflingers are imported from Austria, as well as Italy, Germany, England and Holland and there are now a number of Haflinger breeders within both the United States and Canada.


A very noble looking horse, the Hanoverian breed is a warmblood with elgance, natural balance, and a rhythmic canter. They originated in Saxony, Germany, where there was once a horse-breeding industry that flourished for over 400 years. One of the most prominent riding horse breeds throughout the world, there are Hanoverian horses on all 5 continents.

Hanoverian horses are calm and level headed even in difficult situations. They allow the rider to drive them, and can be used for a number of different reasons.

The registry for Hanoverians was developed in 1978, for the purpose of promoting and preserving the breed. The American Hanoverian Society is an independent organization, but it has a close relationship with the inspection, licensing procedures, registration and educational activities of the German Hanoverian Breeders' Society.


A breed from the Qinghai Province of China, the Hequ is used as a draft and pack animal, and for racing and riding. The word "Hequ" means "river zig" and the breed was given this name because the horses were originally found along the Yellow River, at places where it "Zigs".

Large numbers of horses were imported by the Tang dynasty emperor from western Asian countries. The Hequ were mixed with Mongolian stock at the time.

Mare Hequ's can produce up to thirteen foals in a lifetime. Their native land is 11,000 feet in altitude, which means the temperatures are low and the climate is moist during summer.

Hequ horses are black, grey or brown, and come in three different types and sizes.


With a carefully recorded history for many years, the Highland Pony is the truest British native type of horse, with proven pedigrees dating back to the 1880's. Used as the universal work horse of Scotland two hundred years ago, the horses were about 15 hands at the time, atlhough the current Highland pony registry limits horses to a height limit of 14.2hands.

Queen Victoria was the first of the royal family to fall in love with the Highland Pony breed, and the current queen also has a personal interest in the breed.

Highland Ponies were improved in the 1890's for agricultural work purposes. The Society did not limit or sectionalize the stud book, so interested breeders could breed from any registered pony in order to create horses for whatever purpose they chose. There are a wide range of size and type accepted for Highland Ponies due to the relaxed breeding. Most Highland Ponies are used for bone and substance, but are also used for riding and driving. Highland Ponies are often used to develop and improve other breed's native intelligence and temperament.

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