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Horse Articles :: Horse Breed Glossary - M

Horse Breed Glossary - M


In Japan, the Misaki breed often runs wild in the area of Cape Toi. The Misaki breed is very rarely under human control, and is left to roam freely. There are only about 100 ponies remaining. Most are black or bay, and some are chestnut. They stand about 13.2 hands tall.


Missouri Fox Trotting Horse

Developed in the Ozark hills as an easy to ride horse that can travel long distances, the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse was first created during the 19th century.

The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse is known for it's characteristic walking style- the front feet walk and the hind feet trot. This gait is known as the "fox trot", and gives little jarring motion to the rider, making it a very comfortable horse to ride. They have a sure footed gait which enables the breed to handle the rocky and forest covered hills of the Ozarks.

Even when automobiles made most horses obsolete in Missouri, the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse thrived because farmers used them to drive cattle. The breed is known for their gentle disposition, stamina and soundness. They are great children's horses because of their gentleness and willingness to please.

There are more than 42,000 registered Missouri Fox trotting horses throughout Canada and the United States.


Originating on Miyako Island in Japan, the horses are used for light draft work and riding. Most colors are bay or dun, and they look much like the Mongolian horse. They are about 14 hands in height and their current population status is rare.


The most important and most numbered breed of horses within China, the Mongolian is used mostly for carting and riding, but also for meat and milk production. Their body size will depend on their environmental conditions, but their average height at the withers is about 128 cm.

Mongolian horses are known for their working abilities, with four Mongolians being able to cart a load of over 4400 pounds! A mare will produce about 662 pounds of milk per year.


The Morab breed has a limited history of about 20 years, although there are some common misconceptions surrounding the breed. Mainly, there are people who believe a Morab horse is actually a part-breed or half-breed (a mix between Arabian horses and Morgan horses), but the fact is Morabs are a breed all of themselves.


The Morgan breed began with a horse named "Justin Morgan". He was considered unremarkable as a colt, yet later became the father of a breed of horses that were recognized for their dependability and high quality.

As a young horse, Morgan worked long hours on a farm and in the fields and roads throughout Vermont. The horse was about 14 hands tall, making him smaller than most colonial workhorses, and smaller than the race horses- yet his performance was better than both types of horses! He was famed for his work habits and also for his carrying of former President James Monroe during a parade.

Throughout 30 years, the Morgan horse worked long and hard, and remained sound of eye and limb. He had a gentle disposition, showy gaits and was incredibly fast.

Morgan was also a great breeding horse. Mares were brought in to breed with the famous stallion, and regardless of the type of horse that was bred with Morgan, the offspring would look like Morgan and have the same abilities as Morgan. This horse basically founded an entire breed of his own kind. All Morgan horses of today can be traced back to Justin Morgan.

Some of the newly bred Morgans lived and earned their keep helping farmers, but others were sent to New York and Boston to become smart roadsters. A great-grandson of Justin Morgan became the World's Fastest Trotting Stallion (Ethan Allen 50) in the 1800's.

Modern day Morgan horses are still very similar to the original Justin Morgan. The average size is between 14 and 15 hands, the coats are mostly chesnut, bay or brown in color- although there have been a few grays, black,buckskin and palomino to appear through the breed. They have unsurpassed courage, substance, and disposition. Now, Morgan owners are found all over the globe.

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