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Horse Articles :: Horse Breeds Glossary - T

Horse Breeds Glossary - T


The foundation of the European warmblood horse of East Prussia, the Trakehner, was laid at a stud farm established in 1732. In the early days, the horse was stocky and in need of size and refinement. In the early 1800's, Thoroughbreds and Arabian blood began to be introduced to create a horse with better endurance, to create a quality war horse when needed, as well as a working horse for East Prussian farms.

Today's Trakehner is large, and stands between 16 and 17 hnads. They have refinement- more than most European warmblood breeds and has great substance. They excel in dressage competitions because of their elegance and the floating trot and balanced canter movements. Their shoulders slope and their back is long. Their powerful hindquarters allow the breed to jump. They are alert and intelligent, and work hard to please.


Originally breeded with the improved taboon system, the ukrainian Saddle breed is now developed using the stable and pasture management method. Ukrainian Saddle horses were developed by the crossing of Hungarian mares with the Thoroughbred, Hanoverian and trakehner stallions. Horses with a trace of Russian Saddle blood are considered very valuable.

Ukrainian Saddle horses are mostly bred for sport purposes, and are heavy saddle horses with a solid build. The average height is 165 cm and have a body length of 165 cm. Most of the breed is bay, brown or chestnut in color.

Soviet riders win high ranking competitions when riding the beautiful Ukrainian Saddle horses, and they are known for high performance in classic events like dressage.


In South Africa, the Vlaamperd breed was developed as a riding horse and for draft purposes. The breed is now almost extinct, and was developed from the Friesian, Hackney and Thoroughbred breeding.


When attempting to develop a horse with medium draft power and high speed, the Vladimir Heavy Draft breed was created from crossbreeding with a variety of draft breeds. Breeding from Clydesdale horses, Percheron and suffolk, as well as some breeding with the Shire resulted in the Vladimir Heavy Draft horse. The breed was recognized in 1946.

Vladimir Heavy Draft horses have a stout build, are fast and have an energetic temperment. The average height of a vladimi is 160 cm tall, with a body length of 165. Most horses in the breed classification are bay, or brown in color, with some black. A typical characteristic of the breed is a white star or blaze marking on the head and legs.


A North Russian Pony breed, the Vyatka development was influenced by the natural conditions of their environment. Vyatka have good draft abilities and are fast animals with strong endurance qualities. In early 19th century, the Vyatka was known as the best troika horse in Russia.

Vyatka horses have a wide forehead and a clean-cut head and a short neck. The breed has average withers and a broad back that sometimes dips slightly at the withers. Most are chestnut or bay colored and have a black stripe along their spines. A medium sized horse, Vyatka's have an average height of 140 cm and a body length of 150 cm.

Thanks to the development of transportation and industry, the number of Vyatka horses has been on the decline. The breed is rare and is in need of protection.


A fairly new breed established in 1981 by ranchers in Southern California, the Welara is a pony breed that is the result of crossing a Welsh pony with an Arabian horse.

Welara pony's has the best characteristics and qualities of the Welsh and Arabian breeds, including beauty, eager intelligence, and a gentle disposition.

In addition to the Welara breed consisting of the pony's that came from the breeding of Arab's and Welsh pony's; Welara will also accept pure Arabs that are too small in size to meet requirements for the Arabian stud book.

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