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Horse Articles :: Horse Breeds Glossary - S Continued

Horse Breeds Glossary - S Continued


In eastern England, farmers developed a breed of heavy draft horses, called the Suffolk Punch. This breed is little known to Americans, yet the horse probably has many qualities that appearl to an American breeder than some of the well known breeds of draft horses.

Not surprisingly, the homeland of Suffolk horses was Suffolk county, as well as Norfolk county. The areas were isolated from the neighbors by the North Sea and the Fens, so the farmers of Suffolk developed the breed to meet their specific lifestyles. They plowed heavy clay soil, and so needed a breed of horse that was strong, healthy, and had great stamina. The horses were used to harvest the farmers land, and they rarely had extra horses to sell. This is how the breed kept it's purity, but also how the breed is so unknown. The Suffolk is the oldest draft breeds, with records that date back to 1880.

Suffolk horses are very large, and they're symmetrical with their colors. The legs are strong and short, and they have excellent feet that can be shod or unshod. Their heads appear intelligent, with strong, arching necks. They stand about 16.1 hands, but some are larger. They have a great disposition and easy temperment. suffolk's are willing to work and have great endurance.


A riding and light draft horse originating on the Tsu Island of Japan, the taishuh breed is ancient and dates back to about the eighth century. In 1920, there were 4,000 Taishuh; but now under 100 remain.

The breed is strong and rugged, with very sturdy legs. They are gentle and willing to obey, making them the perfect ponies for farmers wives and children.


A prehistoric, wild horse type, Tarpans lived in souther France and Spain, and into central Russia. There have been cave drawings of Tarpan horses found in France and Spain. The breed is extinct.


Developed in the Khartoum region of Sudan, the Tawleed breed is a riding horse. It was developed from the crossing of Sudan Country Bred horses with Thoroughbred.


A unique breed was created over one hundred years ago in teneessee. It was called the Tennessee Walking Horse. Early settlers to the region came from the Carolinas, Virginia and other nearby states, bringing with them Morgans, Standardbreds, Canadian, Narrangansett Pacers and Thoroughbreds. When all the horse families were combined, the Tennessee Walker was developed, along with some distinctive qualities of their own.

As the name suggests, the most obvious characteristic of the Tennessee Walking horse is their walk. They have a swift walk, that is almost like running. It is not possible to teach a horse to walk like a Tennessee Walking Horse- they must be born with that trait. The walk is a four beat gait, with a bobbing head and a gliding motion, and their ears swing with each step! Some Walkers will even snap their teeth in time to their walk. Tennessee Walking HOrses travel at speeds between 6 and 12 miles an hour, and they can sustain the gait for long distances without problem or fatigue.

Tennessee Walkers also have two other gaits, called teh flat foot walk- which is a slow and even gate, and the canter- which is actually a refined gallop with an added rolling motion. The canter is graceful and rhythmic and sometimes referred to as teh rocking chair gait. Regardless of the type of gait the Tennessee Walker is performing, the rider will have a comfortable ride.

Tennessee Walkers were developed primarily for riding, farm work and driving. Plantation owners also used this breed to carry them miles over fields to inspect their crops.

Tennessee walkers are affectionate, intelligent and gentle. They come in brown, bay, black, roan and chestnut colors.

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