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Horse Articles :: Horse Breeds Glossary - A Continued

Horse Breeds Glossary - A Continued


Also referred to as the American Albino breed, the American Creme and White, is colored true white, with pink skin and dark brown eyes. The first was born in 1908, named "Old King", in Illinois. A very stocky horse, he stood at 15.2 hands, had strong muscles, straight legs, and weighted near 1200 pounds. Old King was purchased by two brothers hoping to use him to develop a new breed in 1917. The brothers bred horses with very scientific methods, and were successful in creating the new breed of American Creme and White.

In 1936, one of the brothers and his wife promoted the American Albino horse throughout horse shows in the United States and Canada. In 1937, the couple developed the American Albino Horse Club (AAHC) to record the horses that came from Old King's breeding.

American Creme and White horses were originally used for driving, riding, jumping, dressage, farming and circus tricks. Most of the breed are extremely gentle and intelligent. Now the horses are very versatile and used for English riding, show and pleasure as well as Western show and pleasure riding, endurance competitions, jumping, parade, working stock horses, and the entertainment industry. The horses often win awards and top honors at shows.

In order for a horse to be considered an American Albino/American Creme and white, the horses must have pink skin and be white without any pigmentation of the hair. All eye colors are acceptable. When American White horses are bred, they will produce 50% white foals when bred with colored horses. Sometimes, even when breeding an American White with another White and Creme, the result will be a colored foal!


The American Walking Pony was produced by the foundation of the Tennessee Walking Horse and the Welsh Pony. The ponies are large, about 14 hands in height and look like an Arabian horse. The American Walking Pony was featured in many horse magazines and suddenly, people around the world wanted to purchase horses from the breeding.

The American Walking Pony has many unique gaits, including the Merry Walk, the canter, and the Pleasure Walk. Due to breeding involving the Welsh Pony, the American Walking Pony is also a superb jumper and is highly successful in open shows as a Pony Hunter. Walking Ponies are extremely versatile animals.

It is said by many that there is no experience like riding an American Walking Pony. They ride smooth and light, unique to the breed.


Once known as the Purebred Spanish Horse, the Andalusian horse has been a breed of high regard since the Middle Ages. The name originated from the "Spanish Province of Andalusia".

Andalusian horses have a very distinguished appearance. They are usually white in color, or light gray, with an occasional horse in bay. The horse stands about 15 hands and is proportioned well. Andalusian horses are intelligent with a desire to learn, and have great temperaments.


Andravida horses are a draft breed, and used for light riding. They are found in Ilia, Greece, and were developed in the early 20th century from Anglo-Norman and local breeds. Andravida horses are almost extinct at this time.


A Russian breed of horse, the Anglo-Kabarda was created in the regions of Caucasus. The breed cam efrom crossing Thoroughbred stallions with Kabarda mares.

The Anglo-Kabarda breed is able to live year round in pastures in the climate of Caucasus, and can navigate through difficult mountainous terrain without difficulty. Larger and faster than purebred Kabarda horses, the appearance of the Anglo-Kabarda is more like the Thoroughbred.

Used as saddle mounts on farms throughout the Northern region of Caucasus, the Anglo-Kabarda horses are also used in Olympic events and national events.

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