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Horse Articles :: Horse Breeds Glossary - D Continued

Horse Breeds Glossary - D Continued


Developed in Bulgaria, the Danube is typically used as a draft horse or a light riding horse. Originating during the Pleven and Nonius crossing in 1920, the Danube is a cross between the Thoroughbred and Russian Trotter. They generally come in the colors bay or black.


Deriving from the British Isles, the Dartmoor Pony is from an England moorland in Devon. The area is barren and rocky with bleak conditions and sparse grazing areas. This explains the toughness of the Dartmoor Pony. After many centuries of roaming the moorland, they had to endure tough conditions.

The Dartmoor Pony has been used in many different situations. For example, the royal reign of Henry I, a Dartmoor Pony stallion was used to breed with royal mares. Furthermore Dartmoor ponies were used for transporting mine tins to area towns. They have also been used on farms and in prison situations.


The Deliboz, an oriental saddle horse breed was developed in the regions of Tauz, Akstafa, Kazakh in Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. The Deliboz horse has a massive body, a heavy but compact neck, a narrow nose, a broad forehead on its short and clean head.

The temperament of the Deliboz is classified as unstable. One distinct feature of this breed of horse is in its tongue, it has a fork like tongue that is folded lengthwise. The Deliboz stands at 152 centimeters at the withers and has the capacity of being a good work horse. It can cover highlands of 45 to 55 kilometers daily carrying a large pack of 115 kilograms to 130 kilograms. With a rider, it can cover 70 kilometers in a day.


Found in the West African country of Niger, the Djerma is a breed with dark coloration. Originating from the Dongola and Barb breeds, the Djerma is known as a breed of light horse.


The Dole horse, also referred to as Gudbrandsdal, Dole-Gudbrandsdal, or the Norway Dolehest, originated from the North Sea Coast, in the region of Oslo. There are two types of modern Dole horses, the light draft horse and the work horse. The work Dole Horse is bred for it's trotting and its pulling power.

Typically the Dole Horse is predominantly brown or bay in color. However, chestnut and black are also very common colorations as well. Occasionally, you will find dun or grey colored Dole's as well. Trotter types typically have some leg and head markings of white.

As one of the smallest of horses, the Dole horse still has excellent power in pulling, a great trot, superb stamina, while staying active and agile at the same time.


A light horse typically found in Eritrea or Sudan, the Dongola is generally of a reddish-bay coloration, with blaze and feet being white. Though a rare breed of horse, the Dongola is an ancestor of the Sundanese Country Horse, as well as the West African Dongola.


Found in the German region of Westphalia, the Dulmen Pony originates from a herd of Semi-Feral horses located in the Meerfelder Brunch at the estate of the Duke of Croy. These horses can be found in many different colors.


Developed in Holland, the Dutch Draft Horse is generally used for farm work and heavy draft. They stand at about 16 hands and is the heaviest breed of all Dutch horses. They are extremely useful for heavy hauling, traction, and for prolonged trips. The Dutch Draft Horse is typically very quiet and slow in movements. Mixed farms in regions with sand and smaller farmers typically find the Dutch Draft horse very useful.

A massive horse, with a large, solid, and strong build, the Dutch Draft Horse has excellent leg, feet, hind quarter, and loin muscles. They have good withers, a muscled front, lively, short ears, and a straight profiled head.

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