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Horse Articles :: Horse Breeds Glossary - C Continued

Horse Breeds Glossary - C Continued


The Cheju, a breed developed in the Province of Cheju located in South Korea. When the Cheju first became a breed is something of a mystery. Some people believe that it began in prehistoric times, though this has not been backed with any official documentation. Some documents verify the existence of the breed during the times of the Korya dynasty.

The Cheju horse is a relatively small horse, in the pony class, standing at only 11 h.h. However, even though it has a small stature, it is still perfect for light draft and riding purposes. The breed is extremely hardy, surviving severe winters, even without adequate shelter. The Cheju has also proven resistant to ticks and diseases.

Its small size does not adequately portray the strength of the Cheju, it has the ability to haul around 230 pound loads. Modern Cheju's are at risk of extinction. In fact, the government of Korea has named the Cheju its 347th national treasure. The colors of this breed vary widely. Predominantly they can be found in colors of black, bay, or chestnut. It is not unheard of to find the occasional Cheju in pinto, cream, white, black, or grey colors.


Of Spanish descendants , the Chilean Corralero was introduced by Pedro de Valdivia, a Spanish conqueror in 1541. Though several years earlier, Francisico Pizarro brought the breed to Pedro, from Puru in 1514. The breed derives from the cross breeding of the Spanish horses with the Valenzuelas and the Guzmanes.

In the early 19th century, the first pure Chilean breed was introduced, and towards the end of the 19th centure, the first Chilean Corralero was developed. At one point, the Chilean Corralero was used as castle workers. Now, you can find this breed typically within the Chilean rodeo.

Distinguished is a word used to most often describe the appearance of the Chilean Corralero. It is built specifically for the work it is intended for. Its flat head, with its separated, yet small ears, make the Chilean Corralero a breed of its own. It also has its tail and mane is abundant, and they carry a deep, broad chest. They generally stand anywhere between 1.40 meters and 1.43 meters. The Chilean Corralero is a strong breed of horse, having the ability to press a bull weighing 500 kilograms.


Descending from the Assateague Island wild horses, the Chincoteague Pony stands on average between twelve and thirteen hands. This is attributed likely from the harsh environments they endure and their poor diets. In some cases, if raised in a structured environment and fed diets of high proteins, they will reach full horse size.

There are two hers of the Chincoteague pony, one in the Assateague area of Maryland, and the other in the Virginia side. There are regulations set in place making the desired herd size of no more than 150 Chincoteague ponies. Any more than this, their environment and natural habitat begins to erode, becoming less productive for the horses.

This is evident by the Chincoteague pony herd in Maryland, which has reached to 165 horses in recent years. In fact, it causes such devastation to the natural habitat to have more than the herd of 150, they have begun using safe and effective methods of birth control on the ponies, to prevent expansion of the herd.


The oldest and most treasured of all English Horses is the Cleveland Bay, also known as the English Sporthorse. The Cleveland Bay horse is most known for its pureblood characteristics. Crossbreeding is not a tradition with owners, they want to keep the pedigree line in tact, which for many can be traced back centuries or more.

The Cleveland Bay horse is most noticed for its color, disposition, soundness, size, stamina, and conformation. They can stand at 17.2 hands, and may come in colors such as chestnut or black.

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