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Horse Articles :: Horse Breed Glossary - Q

Horse Breed Glossary - Q


Found in Afghanistan, the Qatgani is a light riding horse.


In 1989, the United Quarab Registry was created in order to recognize and promote the Quarter Horse-arabian crossbred, called the Quarab breed. In 1991, the Painted Quarab Index was included in order to recognize the colorful patterns fro the American Paint Horse.

Quarab's are horses bred with Arabian, Quarter horse and paint horses. Their bodies resemble a stock-horse, with very muscular forearms, while their neck gives an Arabian apperance. Quarab's heads feature wide foreheads, large eyes and refinement. Their height depends on the ratio of Quarter Horse and Arabian blood, but ranges from 14 to 16 hands.

Quarab horses are used for dresage, riding, roping, driving, endurance and reining.


In the southwestern United States, the Quarter Horse was developed as one of the oldest breeds of horses. The name "quarter horse" came from the horses ability to run a quarter of a mile at amazing speeds.

Quarter horses were regularly used by cow owners, in order to handle the cattle under a wide variety of conditions because Quarter Horse breeds are quick to start and have a temperament suitable to cattle conditions.

The exact origin of the Quarter Hose is unknown because of the tendency for horse breeders to blend bloodlines of breeds in order to create suitable short-distance horses.


Named for it's stunning resemblance of the Quarter Horse, the Quarter Pony breed is simply a Quarter horse of a smaller scale. It can be any color or combinatino of colors, and was originally a breed comprised of Quarter HOrses that didn't meet the minimum height requirement of the American Quarter Horse Association standards.

Children and riders who are not able to handle larger, 15 to 16 hand horses often select a Quarter Pony for riding. They are well known for their calm disposition and even temperaments, making them a terrific child's horse. Quarter Ponies are usually about 13 hands and weight about 850 pounds, but some breeders have made the breed slightly bigger and heavier for larger riders.

Quarter Pony heads reflect their intelligence. They have kind eyes, and small ears. Their necks are medium in length and feature a short slope where the neck meets the shoulders. Quarter Ponies have great backs for saddles.


The Racking horse is one of the most versatile horse breeds in existence. These horses participate in nearly every area needed. For example, they make great work horses in the fields as well as beautiful and prime horses for showing. The Racking horse is best known for being calm, beautiful, and full of stamina. Since prior to the start of the Civil War this breed of horse has steadily become extremely popular.

Riders found that the Racking horse could be comfortably ridden for several hours thanks to its natural, yet smooth gait. If you ask any horse expert they will tell you that the popularity of this breed is attributed to many things. Not only its versatility, but its intelligence as well.

This is one of the most beautiful horses of all horse breeds. The name Racking Horse is derived from its heritage of being a single foot horse. It's bloodlines extend from the walking horse. In the latter part of 1960, a man from Alabama, Joe Bright, created and began what is now known as the RHBA, Racking Horse Breeders Association.


The Rocky Mountain Horse is thought to derive from the eastern portion of the state of Kentucky. As a result, the state of Kentucky has considered this breed of horse one of its most treasured and prized of all possessions. The Rocky Mountain Horse is a very versatile horse, having the ability to withstand any season, any type of terrain, and perfect for the rugged foothills and farms in the Appalachian mountains.

The Rocky Mountain Horse was typically used for leisurely riding, riding for fun, cattle's, and small fields. They were even well suited for horse and buggy times. At one point in time, a man by the name of Sam Tuttle, would use these horses, because of the calm and gentle demeanor to take inexperienced riders through the rugged and rough trails of the mountains.

These are several approved and established characteristics of the Rocky Mountain Horse. In fact, every horse, in order to be accepted in the RMHA (Rocky Mountain Horse Association), must be inspected and approved before being accepted. These characteristics are, the specific horse should be at a height of at least 14.2 hands and no more than 16 hands, as well as other definitive characteristics.

However, the typical Rocky Mountain Horse has a solid color within the body, limited facial markings, and no white coloring above their hocks or knees. These horses can travel anywhere between seven to twenty miles per hour and each horse carries it's own natural gait and speed.

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