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Horse Articles :: Horse Breed Glossary - C

Horse Breed Glossary - C


The Clydesdale Horse, a very large and beautiful breed of horse. Founded in a Scotland district and named for the Lankarkshire area, in which flows the River Clyde, this breed was typically used for agricultural work, as well as coal fields and haulage on Glasgow streets.

As an active horse, they must constantly be doing something, even with its large size and weight. The Clydesdale Horse weighs somewhere around 1600 pounds to 1800 pounds, standing between 16.2 hands and 18 hands. This magnificent horse can reach the weight of 2200 pounds for some stallions.

Clydesdales are typically a bay color, though throughout the coat, you may find chestnut, brown, or black as well. Their knees and hocks are typically white on all four legs, with a bald or defined face. Clydesdales are known for being a serviceable horse, great for pleasure, showing, or even work. They are a stylish and very intelligent breed of horse.


Originating in the High Plains of Colorado, the Colorado Rangerbred is of its own heritage, even though it appears to be a descendent of the Appaloosa, it is unique all to its own. Generally bred and used for their capabilities of performance and their cow savvy, they were developed by a gentleman named Mike Ruby, the founder of the CRHA (The Colorado Ranger Horse Association).

The Colorado Ranger Horse comes in a variety of different colors. With spots and various skin pigmentation. The name Colorado Rangers, comes from the fact that the horses are bred in conditions on the range, or range conditions.


The exact origin of the Connemara Pony is not driven by facts. Some people believe they are a descendent of the Spanish horse, while other believe that they derive from Ireland. In 1920, those wishing the preserve the breeds' purity formed the CPBS (Connemara Pony Breeders Society).

The Connemara Pony has rounded shoulders, ample boned legs, that are both clean and short. They have an abundant tail and main, with a lean neck and handsome head. They carry bodies that are deep and compact, but not bulky in any way. They typically stand somewhere around 12.2 hands or 14.2 hands. Though they are small horses, they are superb jumpers and hunters.

The coloring of the Connemara Pony is typically dun. Though while abundant at one time, is becoming more rare with each passing year. Now, they are usually found in colors of grey, and occasionally in browns, bay, or black coloring.


The Spanish introduced the Criollo to the Americas by bringing Spanish horses and cross breeding them with other breeds. The Criollo horse is extremely adaptive to many different environments and weather elements. They are at their best when living in the open air, as this is a product of their breeding.

Thought to derive from Uruguay, the Criollo horse stands between 1.40 meters and 1.50 meters. It is generally used to work on farms, but pleasure and drafting is also a popular use in the modern world.


A Brazilian horse, the Crioulo was developed in Brazil, in a region called Rio Grande do Sul. As a descendant of the Criollo, it is the region's native horse.


The Dales Pony, a native of the England area of Northern Yorkshire, is an variety of the Wilson Pony, Norfolk Trotter, The Galloway, and the Pennine Pony. Typically the Dales Pony is used as a pack pony, having the ability to carry heavy weight while navigating rough country sides. They are also commonly used for farm work, since they have a small size, being able to function where a large horse may have troubles.

Even small as they are, the Dales Pony is fast and stylish, winning trotting race, serving the army, and excellent hunting horses. They stand at around 14.2 hands. They have neat heads, straight hair manes, a muscular neck, and sloping shoulders. The Dale Pony carries a great deal of stamina and perfect for riding as they are extremely steady, used to carrying weights. They are calm horses, but generally make great horses for an adult or an adolescent.

The Dales Pony is predominantly black, with several other colors such as roan, bay, grey, or brown. They excel in many areas, such as marathons, plowing, or dressage.

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