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Morgan Horse

Morgan Horses are a very versatile breed of horse, which performs well across many disciplines across the equestrian world. The Morgan is know to be one of the original breeds of horse developed in the USA, and its origins can be traced back to the very first stallion named Figure (who then went on to be called Justin Morgan after its owner).

Figure - Justin Morgan
Figure, the sire that all Morgan horses come from, was born in 1789, in Massachusetts. He is believed to have stood just short of horse height, around 14hh, and was renowned for his ability to pass down hereditary qualities such as his conformation, presence and agility, making him a superb choice to start the breed. He died aged 32, and during his life changed his name to 'Justin Morgan' and so the breed is frequently called 'The Justin Morgan Horse'.

Features of a Morgan Horse
All Morgan horses come from a single breed standard, regardless of bloodline etc. They are known for a refined build, with strong legs, a stocky yet compact body, a noticeably arched neckline and shoulders which are set back. They are very expressive in character, which is exaggerated by large eyes.

Morgan horse height varies, but normally ranges from roughly 14.1hh up to 15.2hh though there are some variations which stray either side of these limits. Though they are technically regarded as horses, if a Morgan horse is under 14.2hh it can be classed, and entered as a Pony in equestrian shows and competitions.

Morgan horses are bred in many different colours, though the usual colour is either black, bay or chestnut.

Morgan Horses Today
Morgans are an incredibly versatile breed and they often compete in many different disciplines across the equestrian world, including eventing, dressage and showjumping. Such is their popularity, they even have there own show circuit, including a National Morgan Horse competition.

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