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Horse Articles :: Kinsky Horse

Kinsky Horse Breed

The Kinsky horse legend originated in Bohemia over one-thousand years ago. A hunting party led by a princess was attacked by wolves. One man stood his ground against the wolves and drove them off killing three of of the villians. For the young mans courage, the King knighted the Kinsky man and gave him a coat of arms featuring the three wolves' teeth as a reminder of his brave act. This Kinsky came to raise and name the famous Kinsky line of horses.

There have been many stories of the brave Kinsky horses throughout the years, characterized by their stamina and character and they are considered to be one of the worlds rarest and outstanding horses. Europeans know the Kinsky better than in America because of its European roots.

Over time, the Kinsky family name and power grew as did the reputation of the Kinsky horses. They were used for many things, from cavalry to carriage horses. Count Kinsky traveled all over the country to find the best thoroughbreds possible to strengthen the bloodlines. Over time they began to be known as the Gold Kinsky horses because of the extraordinary gold metallic shine to their coats, although not all Kinsky's are gold. They can be of all shades of gold and brown and there is the very rare black Kinsky, but all have the same glossy sheen to their coats.

The Kinsky horses won the Pardubice Grand National seven times in the 20th century. The most remembered races were in 1937 when the race was won by the gold Kinsky mare Norma. Countess Lata Brandisova was the rider and the first and only woman rider to ever win the European race. The breed won countless famous races all over Europe that are written in the history books of Europe where it is well loved.

The USSR confiscated all Kinsky Estates at the beginning of the war and banned foxhunting. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of some of the family the Kinsky horse's standards did not suffer during this time. Now known as the Czech Republic, the Kinsky horse is regarded as a treasure to their country.

There are less than one-thousand registered Kinsky horses today, making it one of the most rare breeds in all the world. There is a growing renewed interested in this breed since the fall of the iron curtain and now a stud farm has been opened in the UK to breed this rare horse for the first time ever. Hopefully, this will increase the number of Kinsky's to the wide range and plentiful number they once were.

The Kinsky horse has an extremely long and grand history that has stood the test of time. They are balanced, good-natured and have the stamina necessary for many different activities such as Dressage, Western riding, Fox Hunting and polo. From birth, they are very friendly to humans and can bond easily to their owners. In short, they look up to their human owners and are easily trained.

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