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Holistic Equine Healthcare

Every Equestrian has come across a horse with unsolved problems. Often it has nothing to do with a horse's quality, pedigree or talent. Issues keep appearing that seemingly have no solution, and no amount of blood testing, bute, feed changes or layoffs seem to fix the problem. It's a very frustrating situation. Well-respected equine veterinarian, Dr. Mark DePaolo of Wilsonville, Oregon, has found at least one answer.

A majority of my practice consists of Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments, Dr. DePaolo says. "There are horses that seem unable to hold an adjustment. Like many veterinarians I have used blood testing as an important source of diagnostic information. It's a good resource for acute problems, crisis situations and liver or kidney issues, but it does not address long term recurring problems. I decided to try hair analysis. It's frequently used with humans, but rarely with horses. What I discovered changed the way I work with and treat horses."

A majority of today's equine problems are nutritionally related. Allergies, Cushings, Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (EPSM), chronic body soreness, mystery lameness and a myriad of other conditions often involve mineral and/or electrolyte deficiencies and heavy metal toxicities. Blood testing would indicate that the horse was normal while Horse Hair Analysis would show serious imbalances.

So many of the horses I test this way, at least 8 out of 10, come back with some sort of irregularity, says Dr. DePaolo. "The test allows us to understand the full range of a horse's biochemistry and promote overall health with a customized supplement nutrition plan."

Dr. DePaolo has had some stunning success stories utilizing Horse Hair Analysis. "Hot Spot stopped drinking and eating away from home and I feared colic. Horse Hair Analysis turned up a mineral deficiency. Image was depressed, overweight and had foot issues. He had toxic levels of arsenic in his system and Horse Hair Analysis actually saved his life."

Then there was "Tex" the reiner everyone thought was an abused horse. It turned out his skin hurt all over from a serious lack of electrolytes, iron, zinc, chromium, selenium and cobalt. After altering his feed program, "Tex" changed dramatically and went on to become a National Champion.

'Tex acted oddly and would cringe and act abused whenever you tried to touch him," says LaRae Fletcher Powell. "Horse Hair Analysis showed him to be off the charts low in bio-available Selenium. After 4 weeks on a custom supplement he was a different horse."

A very talented show horse named "Harrison" had problems with anger, anxiety and focus. After Horse Hair Analysis, his personal supplement was formulated with the addition of minerals and electrolytes associated with calming and sedation. He now enjoys his work and his people...and they enjoy him.

Holly is a Thoroughbred that had issues with spooking and overreacting. Although she was trained in dressage her owner never considered showing because of her attitude. Horse Hair Analysis revealed a problem with carbohydrates and a lack of electrolytes, iron, selenium and vitamin E. Her owner, Jeannine, says "The difference in Holly after proper supplementation is like night and day. Now I feel like showing her is imminent."

The Horse Hair Analysis process is simple. Owners submit a small sample of mane hair along with a form and symptom questionnaire. Lab analysis is completed, a report is generated explaining the vitamin and mineral deficiencies and possibility of heavy metal toxicity. A customized nutritional and supplement program is recommended. Re-testing is suggested a year later to assure perfect bio-chemical balance. Once achieved, there are several sustainable supplements available through DePaolo Equine Concepts" to ensure continued optimum good health.

About the Author

DePaolo Equine Concepts is noted for pioneering new holistic equine health care approaches and for combining traditional medicine with holistic methods. DEC is the only comprehensive Horse Hair Analysis and horse supplements treatment system completely customized to suit the individual horse's needs.











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