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Horse Articles :: Hoof Wounds Can Cause Lameness


Hoof Wounds Can Cause Lameness

It's not uncommon to see a puncture wound in a horse's foot, since they go barefoot over uneven and often rocky terrain.

And any puncture wound, not only in a horse's foot, can cause problems. But the potential lameness is the worry if it's in the foot.

Puncture wound can carry infection, too. This can result in an abscess. An abscess can take its time to heal.

All this means downtime for your horse.

Having established that your horse has a puncture wound in a foot, what can you do about it?

That depends on how long ago it happened. If it's recent - hours or a couple of days ago, everything may well be quickly resolved if you treat your horse with the homeopathic medicine Ledum.

Animals, and horses are no exception, are very well away of what they need. If Ledum is the right medicine to resolve the issue, when you show your horse the bottle, they will tend to lick it, nibble it, look expectantly at you or in any other way, using body language, show you they think it's a great idea.

If this medicine is unlikely to be the correct one, your horse will tend to turn away.

Bear in mind, that if you haven't ever asked for your horse's opinion before, they may take a bit of time getting used to the idea. But once they know they have an input, they will be very open and give obvious signals, if you look out for them.

If the puncture wound is more than a few days old, the homeopathic medicine Hypericum is more likely to be the curative one.

When showing your horse the bottle, for their input, be careful. You don't want them to get carried away and bite the bottle, especially if it's glass.

Both these medicines, if they are well indicated, have the potential to resolve the whole thing, including the possibility of tetanus.

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